What is Oral Cancer Screening?

Oral cancer screening is an examination done by a dentist checking for oral cancer in your mouth. They look for any oral cancer symptoms inside the mouth.

Why oral cancer screening test is important

To check if the patient has oral cancer or not at the early stage oral cancer screening test is vital. By screening tests, the patient is saved from a major disaster. Early-stage identification saves the life of an individual through oral screen testing.

Usually, an individual is tested for oral cancer during routine visits to the hospital. Dentists perform regular oral tests for oral cancer issues. Sometimes, regular tests are accompanied by other tests if dentists found any abnormalities in the person’s mouth. The additional tests are important if abnormal cells are found in the mouth.

An individual who has the risk factors for oral cancer should undergo screening by a dentist without fail. The tests give the person a warning of oral cancer, and hence his life is saved at the earlier stages.


What is the significance of oral cancer screening?

A dentist may decide the severity of oral cancer in a person by the screening test. The dentist decides whether the person has precancerous lesions in his mouth or not. The dentists decide if the cancer is curable or not depending upon the stages of cancer. Many medical professionals recommend oral screening for identifying the issues.

The major benefit of screening is that the person who has a high risk of oral cancer is saved if identified at the earliest stage. Yes, people with high risks of oral cancer are saved by the oral cancer screening test.

You will get more benefits if you go through the following reasons for oral cancer among people.

  • Tobacco users have more risks of oral cancer. Tobacco use in any form would trigger the issue further.
  • People having cancer already
  • Alcohol consumption to a greater extent
  • Sun exposure heavily increases the chances of oral region, especially lip cancer. Exposure heavily to sunlight can have some issues in an individual.

How are dentists performing oral screening tests?

Usually, dentists look inside the mouth for the occurrence of sores, white or red patches. The dentists may look for any abnormal growth of tissues inside the mouth. Abnormal growth such as lumps, or darkened lesions in your gums or tongues Asides checking mouth, the professionals would also check your throat for any extra growth or lumps.

Special tests by the dentists

Asides from oral exams, many dental professionals perform special tests for identifying oral cancer in an individual. What are those tests? They are screening dye and screening light tests.

When you are tested with screening dye, abnormal cells in your mouth turn blue. Whereas, screening light involves abnormal cells turn brightest when a light is turned on. These two tests give dentists a strong confirmation about oral cancer in an individual.

What are the limitations of oral screening tests?

  • Dentists may find it difficult to identify cancerous sores or noncancerous sores in the mouth. In short, it is difficult to determine by the dentists. In case the dentist may find an unusual sore in your mouth sometimes. How to know if the sores are cancerous or noncancerous? Only further tests reveal the nature of sores. Yes, biopsy alone answers the dentist about the nature of mouth sores in the mouth.
  • A dentist may find it difficult to identify the abnormal cells inside the mouth by looking inside. So, there are many chances for the professional to miss the cancerous lesion inside the mouth. This is another limitation of the oral screening procedure.
  • We shall not conclude that oral screening saves many peoples’ life due to regular check-ups. This is not so because of the limitations of the oral screening test.

Following recommendations of dentists

The dentists may recommend you the following if oral cancer is detected.

  • A follow-up visit is recommended by the dentists to check the growth of abnormal cells in your mouth. They also check the status of cancerous cells.
  • Dentists would also go for a biopsy procedure to determine the presence of cancer in your mouth.


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