Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

Do you constantly feel embarrassed because of your yellow teeth and bad breath? If so, then this article is just for you. Here, we are going to discuss everything about teeth cleaning, including its benefits. So, get ready because you’re going to read something so useful.


What Is Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is generally a part of your oral hygiene and it involves the withdrawal of dental plaque from the teeth to prevent dental caries or cavities, periodontal disease, and gingivitis. Most people regularly clean their teeth by interdental cleaning and brushing. Also, the dental hygienists take away the tartar which doesn’t get removed by brushing.


What are the advantages of teeth cleaning?

So, as you know what teeth cleaning is, let’s now move towards understanding its advantages. The following are the five advantages of dental cleaning:

  • It brightens up your smile

Your teeth get blemished by some drinks and food. That’s why you need cleaning. It removes the blemishes and stains which results in ideally polished teeth. Moreover, there is no good way to brighten up the smile other than a dental cleaning.


  • Bad breath is Lessened

One of the best ways to lessen the bad breath is by keeping your teeth clean and healthy. However, going much beyond your regular flossing and brushing by having your teeth cleaned by dentists offers you a healthier and good smelling mouth. So, dental cleaning also reduces the problem of bad breath.


  • Cavities are Obstructed

When plaque builds up on your teeth, your tooth starts to decay. It eats away all the enamel of your tooth, making it hollow and which in turn leads to cavities. So, to prevent cavities, you need to brush and floss daily along with getting a dental cleaning.


  • Tooth loss is also Prevented

Your gum line and teeth loosen when the plaque builds up on your teeth. This leads to gum diseases and that is the main cause of your tooth loss. So, tooth loss can be prevented by brushing your teeth daily and by regularly going on dental check-ups.


  • The overall health gets boosted

There is a connection between your oral health and overall health. Keeping your teeth healthy and clean reduces the chances of certain diseases like heart diseases and diabetes. Moreover, some of the medical problems can also be determined during oral tests.

Moreover, with routine cleaning, many risks of some unpleasant teeth conditions can be lessened. So, what are you waiting for? Get an appointment at the dentist at and get your teeth checked. This way, you’ll be saving a lot of money which you will spend otherwise if any big problem persists. Regular dental cleaning helps in avoiding extensive and costly procedures.

So, what is the process of teeth cleaning?

The teeth cleaning is a thirty to the sixty-minute process undertaken by a dentist to keep your teeth and gums clean. Due to phobias and dental anxieties, so many people are afraid of going to a dentist. Even, they avoid the procedure of dental cleaning, this can lead to harmful effects on their teeth. That’s why you need to fully understand its procedure.


The procedure of teeth cleaning

The teeth cleaning process varies from one dentist to another dentist. But, most dentists follow the same routine.

Teeth and gum examination

At first, the dentists fully examine the teeth of the patient by using a little concave mirror. They examine the symptoms or oral issues like plaque, inflamed gums, tartar buildup, or any dark spots/blemishes on teeth.

This assists the dentist in knowing what they need to focus on while cleaning. If they detect some serious problems like gum disease or cavities, then the dentists treat them more seriously.


Scaling is the process where the hygienist removes the tartar or plaque from the teeth by making use of a scalar. Depending upon the buildup, the different types of scalar are used such as an ultrasonic scaler or a manual scalar.

Flossing and Polishing

After that, the dentist polishes and removes the stains from the teeth with the help of an electric handheld tool and gritty toothpaste which is known as prophylaxis paste. In this process, the patients feel a smooth grinding motion on their teeth.


The last step is the fluoride treatment. In this process, a gel is kept in the mouth of the patient for about a minute.



So, that’s all about dental cleaning that you should know. To conclude, we would say that you should not fear dental cleaning. Instead, you should visit the dentist regularly.