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Zoom! Tooth Whitening

San Ramon, Alamo, Danville, Pleasanton & Walnut Creek areas

Walnut Creek Tooth WhiteningTooth whitening is one of the simplest and easiest cosmetic dentistry procedures, and has one of the most dramatic results. If your teeth have become yellowed or stained over the years, imagine how much brighter your smile would be if you whitened your teeth.

There are several choices as to how you want to whiten your teeth. The first is whether to do it at home over a period of two or three weeks, or whether to have it done in one office visit. One option you may as well forget right away is using any over-the-counter products. Some of them may have some whitening effect, but none will compare with the professional systems your cosmetic dentist will use.

Take-Home Kits

If you’d like to whiten your teeth at your own leisure, as it fits into your schedule, you can opt for a professional take-home kit. Dr. Anderson would take a mold of your teeth and have customized trays made for you. With these and the professional-strength whitening gel in your take-home kit, you could have outstanding results in short order.

You can choose from Mild, Moderate, or Strong whitening gels. The trays will fit closely around you teeth, keeping the gel in even contact with them, so that whitening will be accomplished smoothly. The kits also come with a tube of neutralizing gel if you find your teeth becoming more sensitive than usual. You can use that gel in the trays once or twice, and resume with the whitening gel when you feel comfortable.

"I am most impressed and appreciative of the quality of his work, as well as his professionalism." - Linda Cimaristi
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In-Office Tooth Whitening

Dr. Anderson uses the Zoom! Teeth Whitening system. This procedure would take about 90 minutes including the preparation beforehand and the time spent afterwards checking results and giving you the follow-up kit.

The teeth whitening treatment is done in three stages of 20 minutes each. A special light is used to activate and speed the whitening gel. Dr. Anderson and his staff are very practiced with this procedure and would make sure the whitening gel touched only your teeth, and that it achieved a smooth, even effect.

Each person’s teeth have their own whitening potential, so the exact degree of whitening for your teeth can’t be accurately predicted. You’ll be astonished at the dramatic difference after your tooth whitening treatment, as your teeth will be eight, or even ten or more shades whiter. But when you go home and use the follow-up kit, you might find them becoming even more white. The follow-up kit can be used for immediate continuation of the whitening, or for touch-ups later on.

If you do no other cosmetic dentistry procedures but tooth whitening, your smile will be vastly brighter, and your social and personal confidence could brighten right along with it.

Cosmetic dentistry is both an art and a science, and Dr. Anderson is highly qualified in both respects. He can to assess your overall dental situation, suggest good possibilities for improving it, and help you decide on the best procedures for a bright new smile. Contact us today for your confidential consultation.


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