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Porcelain Tooth Crowns and Bridges

San Ramon, Alamo, Danville, Pleasanton & Walnut Creek areas

Pleasanton Tooth CrownCrowns and bridges are ways of restoring your full chewing and speaking ability, and your full smile. By filling one or more gaps, they help you retain the shape of your face, and prevent neighboring teeth from moving out of alignment.

If you have any teeth with severe damage or decay, but the root is still intact, a crown is the best solution. In past years, crowns have been made of gold alloy, or porcelain lined with a metal amalgam. Gold is strong and durable, but certainly doesn’t look like the surrounding teeth. Porcelain with a metal lining looks white like the surrounding teeth, but after a few years a dark line starts appearing at the gumline, where the metal lining is becoming visible.

What is a crown?

Crowns are also called caps. They’re made to fit over the remaining tooth tissue after all damage has been removed. They protect the remaining tooth and provide a strong and long-lasting chewing surface on back teeth, and an esthetically pleasing appearance on front teeth.

Cosmetic dentists now offer all-porcelain crowns. Dental porcelain resembles tooth enamel in the way it absorbs and reflects light. It has the same pearly sheen as your natural teeth. Dr. Anderson will match the porcelain he uses to your individual tooth shade, so your crown will be indistinguishable from your other teeth.

"Dr. Anderson and his entire team were impressive with their knowledge, skill and commitment." - Fiona M.
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Bridges: three kinds

When you lose a tooth, a bridge is a way to fill that gap. The three kinds of dental bridges are distinguished by the way they’re constructed.

    Traditional fixed bridges

    These consist of an artificial tooth (called a pontic) attached to a crown on each side. The crowns are over healthy teeth which don’t actually need crowns, but they’re necessary to support the pontic in between them. The downside of this type of bridge is that healthy tooth tissue must be removed from the two supporting teeth to make room for the two crowns. A fixed bridge can include two pontics.

    Resin bonded bridges

    Also called Maryland bonded bridges, these consist of a pontic that’s fused to metal bands which run behind the neighboring teeth and are attached to them with a bonding resin. No crowns are required for these bridges, which makes them less expensive and simpler to perform. They are usually used to replace missing front teeth.

    Cantilever bridges

    When the missing tooth has no neighbor on one side, a cantilever bridge is used. It consists of the pontic and bands which run behind the two teeth next to it on one side.

The crowns and bridges done by Dr. Anderson will be durable and pleasing in appearance. If you have one or more gold crowns and would like to replace them with all-porcelain crowns, please contact us to set up a consultation. In these days of sophisticated cosmetic dentistry, there is no need to continue having crowns that are obviously crowns. Dr. Anderson can fit you with a crown that will look just like your surrounding natural teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is both an art and a science, and Dr. Anderson is highly qualified from both angles. He can to assess your overall dental situation, suggest good possibilities for improving it, and help you decide on the best type of crown or bridge. Contact us today for your confidential consultation.


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Sean Michael Anderson, D.D.S
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