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TMD Jaw Pain Relief

San Ramon, Alamo, Danville, Pleasanton & Walnut Creek areas

Alamo TMJIf you’ve experienced TMD jaw pain, you won’t have forgotten about it. This pain can be very severe, and because we use our jaw muscles so often for such important things, it’s disabling. You can’t talk, chew, smile, or laugh. You don’t necessarily know what started it.

Over time, a vicious cycle can develop where you can’t eat much, so you become less fit and strong; weakened jaw muscles get tighter, which causes more pain in the jaw area, causing you to eat even less.

The Jaw Joint

The jaw joint is a ball and socket joint, where the lower jaw fits into a rounded shape in the skull. In between the bones is a cartilage disk which acts as a shock absorber and stops the upper and lower jaw bones from rubbing directly against each other. The whole jaw area is a complex one with muscles and ligaments and many branches from several large nerves. When the joint is damaged, whether by a sudden event or by chronic tension, inflammation can develop which eventually affects the nerves.

You can take an over-the-counter painkiller, or even a prescription painkiller, and for a while you’ll have relief. But the pain will recur until the cause is found and remedied. Sometimes jaw pain must be managed rather than cured. Other times, dental reconstruction can take care of it by changing your bite. Some dentists have ceased treating TMD jaw pain because of resistance in the insurance industry towards paying for it. Dr. Anderson is a trained neuromuscular dentist, a graduate of the Las Vegas Institute (LVI), the top post-graduate dental school in the world.

"Dr. Anderson and his team have excellent attention to detail and friendly yet professional attitudes that made me comfortable throughout the entire process." - Mitch
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Limited Jaw Movement

In many cases, jaw pain is accompanied by limited jaw movement. The lower jaw becomes unable to open very wide; or sometimes it becomes stuck in an open or closed position.

Clicking or Popping Sounds

This is a common symptom and these sounds are heard when the jaw moves. It could be the cartilage disk in the joint, which has slipped out of position.

It’s very worthwhile to try approaching jaw pain and any other TMD symptoms you might be experiencing from a dental perspective, and to consult an experienced neuromuscular dentist for an examination. Dr. Anderson has all the equipment and knowledge to test and diagnose your bite, so why delay?

If you have jaw pain that continues, and you’re finding that taking painkillers for it is insufficient, please contact us for an initial consultation. Dr. Anderson will be glad to listen to your concerns, and answer questions, and together you can determine what might be the best step to take next.

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Sean Michael Anderson, D.D.S
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