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General & Family Dentistry

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When you schedule your biannual dental appointment, you are scheduling a general dentistry appointment. These dental appointments are a preventative treatment to keep your teeth and gums healthy. What you may not know is that your general dental health is tied directly to your overall health.

Problems Addressed by General Dentistry

Some of the problems in your mouth may be tied to other problems and act as warning signs. These problems include bleeding gums, tooth decay, grinding or clenching your teeth as you sleep, and more. San Ramon area general dentist Dr. Anderson checks for evidence of these problems, as well as addresses halitosis, and worn or chipped teeth.

These dental checkups every six months are also evaluative and diagnostic treatments for disorders like temporomandibular joint disorder, and diseases that affect the teeth and gums, jaw and face, like oral cancer.

General dental appointments involve:

  • Dental examination
  • X-rays
  • Tooth cleaning
  • Tooth scaling

The different procedures of general dental checkups are performed to prevent serious dental problems that may require expensive treatments if not taken care of. They help to maintain proper oral hygiene and function for a long time.

Cavity Prevention

Everyone is aware of the threat of developing cavities, or caries, if they do not take care of their teeth. The combination of treatments in general dental appointments is performed to find and treat these potential problems as soon as possible.

Treatment for cavities is extremely important. Those who avoid seeing the dentist for cavities risk:

  • Tooth and gum pain
  • Tooth loss
  • Jaw bone destruction
  • Abscesses in the jaw
  • Mouth infection

One serious consequence of leaving cavities untreated is the risk of bacteria from the cavity spreading to other parts of your body through the bloodstream and causing infections.

It is not only important that you schedule a dentist appointment every six months, it is important that you take your children to see Dr. Anderson when they are young. Dr. Anderson can then check to make sure your child's teeth are developing as they should. This starts children toward the lifelong prevention of cavities and oral diseases.

If you are in the San Ramon, California area, and need to schedule a general dentist appointment, please contact experienced general dentist Dr. Sean Anderson for an initial consultation.

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